Capt. Brian’s charter with Ms. Josephine the Fishing Queen and Mr.Yvont 5/5/18

Well all I can say I fished with plenty good fisherman that could hang in there, but this lady Ms. Josey from Atlanta is ONE HELL OF A TROOPER. She doesn’t have any Kidneys. She was on dialysis machine from 3-6 am and at the boat landing at 7 roaring and ready to jerk on some of that Red Gold.  Out of 15 Reds we put in the boat she caught half of them.  It took a toll on her and she finally threw in the towel and said she had enough let’s hit the beach.  One thing she didn’t have to pop the cork hard with the FOUR HORSEMAN POPPING CORK and THE MATRIX OVAL CORK was working it’s magic for Mr. Yvon from FRANCE. Today was a great day.

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