Capt. Brian scout trip with Josh Naquin & Kerry Romero 5/18/18

Besides the wind I had the pleasure to fish with my older brother Kerry Romero today for a while then he climbed back in his sons Kim Romero’s  boat.  Capt. Brian w/Smokin’ Reels Fishin Charters & Josh had a good day jumping around different spots doing little scouting.  Jerking on some of them reds.  Kerry was using lemon head MATRIX shad under a oval popping cork.  Josh and I were using MATRIX GREEN HORNET under the 4 HORSEMEN noise racket making cork made!! Both set up were working with and without shrimp every where we stopped we caught Reds.  Get your MATRIX baits & 4-HORSEMEN corks and FRESH SHRIMP at HEBERTS MINI MART.                                                         1 2018 5 18 capt brian josh kerry scout trip today

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