Capt. Brian & Capt. Drew had a great day with family and friends 6/17/18

SMOKIN’ REELS FISHIN CHARTERS Capt. Drew Romero & Capt. Brian spent their fathers day doing a fishing show with Tony Ault with Lumenok Light Em Up, Chad Broussard & Denny Rush with Moxy Outdoors  for this young man Boomer aka The HUNTIN MAN. He has down syndrome, but this is about his capabilities, not his disabilities.  This young man has touched everyone heart that met him. He not only has a passion for hunting and the outdoors but drawing also.  He is an awesome marksmen with a bow.  Boomer has so much love for everyone he meets it just incredible. He had a fantastic time today even though he only caught 1 Redfish Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating with us today had to stay in the local bays because of the terrible conditions.  It was to bad for them to stay in the boats they went fishing on a wharf and caught a few.  We sure ate good Sat. night Smoked Redfish dip, shrimp stew, potato salad.  Tonight Sunday was fried specks, fried shrimp, fried frog legs, blacken redfish cooked by Capt. Drew & Brian, shrimp fettuccini, crawfish fettuccini, garlic bread, other sides cooked by Jeamie Romero.  Coconut cake made by Mrs. Lee Janet Dugas Franks THANK YOU so much.  Buttermilk pie made by Kylie Romero.  A big THANK YOU to Daniel Edgar with Swamp People for taking time out of his busy day for  Boomer which was the high lite of his trip.  Last but not least Boomers mom Deb Williamson Spotser she is such an awesome lady. Deb does not hold Boomer back from anything he wants to do.  She stands beside him thru his journey of life.  When they leave here they are going on hog hunts and ram hunts in Texas. They will be posting videos alone the way. Such an awesome weekend new friends and lots of memories were made.   Thanks to everyone that made this happen.

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