Capt. Brian & Miss Jeamie fishing The IRGC TOURNAMENT 6/29/18

Capt. Brian and Miss Jeamie is fishing the IRGC TOURNAMENT OUT OF CYPREMORT POINT BOAT LANDING.  She is working on her 2nd all around inside IRGC fisherwoman and Capt. Brians 3rd Captains award.  When the fish stop biting its time for us to have lunch.  Chicken salad from Lydia Food Store, ham sandwich, watermelon, canaloupe, honey dew, vegetables, grapes, cheries and lots more.  I know its a lot of food but Miss Jeamie say thats  in case we get stranded we can fish and eat.  So if you ever get hungry and Miss Jeamie is with me fishing come have a bite to eat.  lol





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