Capt. Brian & Capt. Drew trip 8/4/18

Capt. Brian & Capt. Drew had to cancel both charters due to  unfavorable weather conditions this morning.  Lots of lighting and storms coming off the  gulf.  Rescheduled both charters at a later time. When you have youngsters’ aboard you don’t want to risk anyone getting hurt. Thanks to my customers for understanding.  So Capt. Drew and I decided to try our luck and pick a few in the pumpkin patch between the weather.  While Capt. Drew was playing with those nasty specks .  That fresh bait from Hebert’s Mini Mart  under the 4-Horsemen popping cork was the ticket for the Reds.  The 10 specks Capt. Drew boated was caught on Matrix Lemon Head & Purple Haze Vortex!! Wasn’t a bad day.

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