That time again folks.  This spring should bring some great fishing up threw the fall.  Book your trip with Capt. Drew Romero & Capt. BB with SMOKIN REELS FISHIN CHARTERS. TWO BOATS AVAILABLE  and two others available with USCG LIC. & INSURED CAPTAINS for large groups! The last 11 years have been awesome.

Can’t say THANK YOU enough to all our customers & sponsors:                                                HEBERTS MINI MART                                                                                                                            MATRIX SHAD                                                                                                                                         4-HORSEMEN TACKLE                                                                                                                           SALTY TRADITION APPREAL



Capt. Brians charter 10/17/18

Capt.1 11-2018 10 17 bb charter 1 Brian with SMOKIN’ REELS FISHIN CHARTERS didn’t get skunked today but it was very close!! Only hooked into 2 small reds and 1 good one & 4 flounder.  Oh and 1 gar.  With a $$ whipping trying to cross bay to Marsh Island but that didn’t happen.  Not much to show for or efforts!! But we show the good with the bad days.   Just hate fishing a day after a front.