Capt. Brians charter with Mr. Tim, Ms. Laura, daughter Megan and friend Colby 5/21/18

Beautiful day on the water today.  Capt.  Brian w/SMOKIN’ REELS CHARTER had a great day with his crew from Minnesota Mr. Tim his wife Ms. Laura, daughter Megan and friend Colby.  4 man limit and called it a day around 1.  The poison for them REDS again shrimp under the 4 HORSEMEN popping cork and MATRIX popping cork.  THANKS HEBERTS MINI MART for being so courteous with customers and setting them up with FISHING LICENSE.  ONE STOP STORE  for all your MATRIX needs and 4 HORSEMAN CORKS.


Capt. Drew’s charter with crew from Oklahoma 5/21/18

Capt. Drew Romero with SMOKIN’ REELS CHARTERS and his crew from OKAHOMA HAMMERED  those REDFISH in VERMILION BAY today 5 man limit 25 reds came over the side of the boat and hit the ice chest!  Most reds caught on shrimp, MATRIX SHAD and even lead head hooks with nothing on them.  4HORSEMEN working it’s Magic again in Vermilion Bay.  Get them at HEBERTS MINI MART.   Best popping cork on the market!! THE 4 HORSEMEN

Capt. Brian charter with Mark, his wife, and son Cole from Texas 5/19/18

Short half day charter trip w/Mark his wife and son Cole from Texas. They had to be in for the game at UL.  It wasn’t about putting a 4 man limit in the boat today they just wanted to put there son on some reds and put a big smile on his face.  That’s what Capt. Bee with SMOKIN’ REELS FISHIN CHARTERS done.  Only 7 good reds, 3 broke off and missed 2 good ones & about 15 under size.  Considered a great morning!!  4HORSEMEN corks and fresh shrimp from HEBERTS MINI MART did the trick today!!

Capt. Brian scout trip with Josh Naquin & Kerry Romero 5/18/18

Besides the wind I had the pleasure to fish with my older brother Kerry Romero today for a while then he climbed back in his sons Kim Romero’s  boat.  Capt. Brian w/Smokin’ Reels Fishin Charters & Josh had a good day jumping around different spots doing little scouting.  Jerking on some of them reds.  Kerry was using lemon head MATRIX shad under a oval popping cork.  Josh and I were using MATRIX GREEN HORNET under the 4 HORSEMEN noise racket making cork made!! Both set up were working with and without shrimp every where we stopped we caught Reds.  Get your MATRIX baits & 4-HORSEMEN corks and FRESH SHRIMP at HEBERTS MINI MART.                                                         1 2018 5 18 capt brian josh kerry scout trip today

Capt. Brian’s charter with Gage & Kelly Coldwater 5/12/18

Windy half day charter bite wasn’t there this morning for Capt Brian with SMOKIN’ REELS FISHIN CHARTERS and his crew Gage & Kelly Coldwater from Texas.  Didn’t limit out but manage to put a little red gold in the ice chest.  Matrix Shad Green Hornet & 4 Horseman Corks was the poison for most of the fish put in the ice chest.  Get your Matrix Supplies and 4 Horseman Corks from Hebert’s Mini Mart,  Suzie’s Bait and Tackle!!!! Hebert’s now has FRESH SHRIMP!!!!