Capt. Brian’s charter Sat. was not a complete bust his crew manage to put together a mess of reds. Between a full moon and fighting low water we couldn’t fish where we wanted. But April and Jarrod with their 2 youngsters, 5 year old Jace which caught the first red of the day & 11 yr old Taylor who caught the most!! 11/6/17

zcapt b chartered with jerrod and april 2 young ones 11 4 17Capt. Drew and his crew hammered the reds today. Nothing but red goal hit the deck today. His crew said they had a blast, they caught and released plenty more!!!! 10/6/17




Had a decent day on the water today with my crew. The guys fished hard to put this ice chest of silver and gold together. But patience pays off in the end. Fought stiff winds today again.  25 specks and 3 reds 10/5/17

bb charter w phil haney

Well today started a little slow for Capt. Brian and his crew.  But picked up enough to hang in there and put a descent chest of red fish together.  Crew fished hard and boated 13 reds and 1 flounder!!! 9/23/17



Congratulations’ goes out to the hard fishing team of Capt. Drew and Josh Naquin for placing 1st place in the CCA Specks and Spots- Wounded Warriors Tournament 9/23/17. They had a great time competing with the veterans and all the captains that operated their boats and gave their time for them.  Thanks to all the Captains and a bigger thanks to all the service men and women!!!! 9/23/17

drew josh first place specs and spots 9 23 17

Capt. Drew with Smokin’ Reels Fishing Charters and his crew hammered the Reds four man limit again today on his charter!!!!!  9/17/17


And THANKS Capt. Drew for cleaning the 60 reds and flounder for me and customers!!!!9/16/17

Capt. Drew Romeros charter from this morning with 25 reds and 2 flounder. Another happy group of fisherman tapping into the red goal!!!! 9/16/17

Capt. Troy and Capt.. Brian teamed up today to put these five young men on some red goal today!!!! 35 reds.  Thanks to Capt.Drew Romero for running the second boat for Smokin’ Reels Fishing Charters!  9/16/17


Capt. Brian, Mr. Ward and Mr. Pat had a great 1/2 day charter caught their limit and some. Capt. Brian didn’t wet a line and really enjoyed watching these two guys fish!! 9/15/17

Capt. Drew Romero with Smokin’ Reels Fishing had a great day on the water with Gerald and Alyssa Martin. Limiting out with that Red Gold Catch ad release many more!!!!9/9/17



Largest black sow I have ever seen around this area!!! on my way to Cypremort Point 9/5/17



Capt. Brian was on the reds with good friend Kip Labiche and son in law Glenn Vinning another great trip. 9/5/17



Matt and Jens catch 8/22/17

Well as you all know we were shut down due to Harvey and all the rain canceled quite a few trips, but as you can see we are back up and running.  Capt. Drew’s scouting trip with Uncle Kerry and cousin Kim was awesome limited out caught and released a few!! 9/4/17  sorry no pics.

Well today’s charter with Matt & Jen was one of those days.  Feels like we ran from the weather more than we fished today.  10 reds and a load of small ones. Jen with one of her reds. wasn’t a good day but not bad either.  8/22/17

Capt. Drew with Smokin’ Reels Fishing and his Crew today put a whipping on the red goal today, 4 man limit 20 reds and 3 flounder!!!! 8/19/17

drew charter with Boone 8 19 17

Capt. Brian with K & J Supplies crew, hammered the reds today, done by 10 oclock with a 4 man limit of Reds, 2 flounder, 1 drum. Deck full of Red goal.  Thanks again K & J!!! 8/18/17

8/9/17 Capt. Brian Tristan and Mr. Boudreaux was at it again limited out with a (3) man limit 15 Reds by 10:00.  Tristan with his redfish and that awesome smile.

8/8/17 Capt. Brian had a good day today with Tristan and grandpa Mr. Boudreaux they crabbed a little, fished a little, and crabbed some more. 9 Reds, 1 flounder, 1 gar and 6 doz. crab.

8/5/17 another great day for Capt. Drew Romero with Smokin’ Reels Fishing Charter.  5 man limit 25  Reds, 1 Flounder for 10 am. another 50-75 caught and released for 11:30  Nothing but Red gold from the gold mine today.

Capt. Brian’s charter today with Pat Norris, Kaden and Evan started out great then it shut down real quick.  Then started running from the storms coming off the gulf. 13 Reds still a pretty good day.  8/2/17

Bite was slow but Michael and Skyler still managed to put 13 reds and 1 flounder in the boat.

Awesome day with K & J Supplies Crew 7/28/17

Just a few extra pics we received from Mike Riley from 7/15/17 trip. Thanks

Well can’t go fishing because of the weather, but we sure can cook it up. Boiled shrimp, fried specks, fried garfish, fried zucchini, grilled redfish, grilled zucchini and squash.  This is what’s going on at SMOKIN’ REELS CHARTER!!!! 7/23/17

Capt. Brian had another great morning on the water with Mr. Wilbert Nelson and family from North La. 25 keepers another 25-30 catch and release by 10 am 7/21/17

Capt. Drew, Scott Baker & his crew from Ark. limited out with 30 Reds, 1 flounder 7/18/17

Capt. Brian, Kevin Riley & family limited out with 25 Reds, 1 sheep head another great day on the water. 7/15/17Kevin Riley & crew 7 15 17

Capt. Drew, Gary Cooper & family limited out with 30 reds by 1 pm. 7/1/17

. Capt.Brian’s charter with Ms. Gigi & her family limited out today with 20 Reds 7/20/17bb charter gigi 6 27 17

Capt. Drew & the Tyson crew hammered the red fish today done by noon. 25 reds 1 flounder 6/25/17drew charter brandon and brent 6 25 17

Matt & wife 2 7 9 17
Capt. Drew’s charter with Matt & his wife limited out with 15 reds, 1 flounder 7/9/17

Charter 6/19/17 Jack and Jeromy Cole with their catch limited out with 15 reds. Finished the day with catch and release.

Charter 6/18/17 Bella caught her first red fish, Andre caught his first redfish of the trip and caught  a 29′ redfish

bite was slow 6 8 17

This how Capt. Drew, Josh Naquin and Dustin Bonin spent their Saturday night having fun

Capt. Drew’s charter 6/3/17 limited out on Redfish

Capt. Drew’s charter 5/28/17 limited out on Redfish

Capt. Brian’s  charter with Isaac and Matt 5/28/2017

charter Craig and Logan 5/6/17

Capt. Brian’s charter 4/14/17

Ending of a great weekend of fishing in South Louisiana! 4/22/17

Capt. Drew’s charter 4/22/17 Erica, Jason, Mr. Gary another great day on the water

Capt. Brian had an awesome charter today. Thank you Mr. Billy, Ms. Terry and Erica glad yall had a good day

Capt. Brian wore his lil Poppa Stoppa out today 4/13/17

TOURNAMENTCapt.Drew and his crew had a  great day 3/18/2017

photo[256]photo[260]photo[254]photo[264]photo[262]photo[259]   A GREAT DAY OF FISHING

5 2016

9 20168 20167 2016drew kylie kids


6 2016


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